Gratitude for Everyday Human Miracles

A Breakdown of the Human Body

I am grateful for my body and all the components within it. We are made up of intricate and complex systems in our bodies. Each a miracle within themselves.

I am sharing this to uplift and remind you of the things we take for granted everyday.

Digestive System

I am grateful for my digestive system. For all the delicious food it breaks down and turns into energy for me. 

  • Energy - It easily breaks down nutrients small enough for my body to absorb.

  • Growth - It supports the growth of my body.

  • Cell Repair - It is prepares the supplies for cells to repair themselves.

  • Packaged Waste - It neatly compresses and packages waste (when healthy).

Endocrine System

I am grateful for my endocrine system. For all the regulation it does to keep me comfortable in my own body. It handles my moods and makes life enjoyable.

  • Growth and Development - It manages closely all the hormones required for me to grow healthy in all my stages of life.

  • Metabolism - It helps regulate so many functions required to keep me warm, cool, and much more.

  • Sleep - It allows me to fall asleep at the right times and rejuvenate regularly.

  • Blood Pressure - It allows me to have enough blood supply appropriate to the context I immerse myself in.

  • Reproduction - It allows me to create a family in an enjoyable way.

Respiratory System

I am grateful for the the network of organs and tissues known as the Respiratory System that helps me breathe.

  • Bringing fresh air into my body - Having the oxygen supply to my cells

  • Gaseous Waste - Remove waste in the form of Carbon Dioxide

  • Talking - Allowing me to be able to speak to others

  • Smelling - Allowing me to enjoy the scents of this world

  • Humidifier - It brings the air to my body temperature and moisturizes it

  • Protection - It protects my airways from harmful substances

Nervous System

I am grateful for the my nervous system that plays an essential role in the things my body does automatically (breathing, blushing and blinking)

  • Communication - It allows all the parts of my body to communicate with each other.

  • Heartbeat and breathing patterns - It allows my heartbeat to respond to internal and external changes.

  • Navigation - It allows me to move, balance myself, and have hand-eye coordination.

  • Interpretation - It allows me to sense this world via seeing, hearing , tasting, touching, and feeling.

  • Digestion - It regulates my hunger and thirst appropriately to what I am experiencing.

  • Healing and Aging - It allows me to age and heal appropriately so that I can enjoy phases of life as time goes by.

  • Sleep - It allows me to be able to rest or stay awake depending on my context.

Integumentary System

I am grateful for my largest organ that envelopes me and takes care of me in so many ways. It acts as a barrier around me and is the backdrop to my distinct features and beauty.

  • Protection from Sun - My skin and hair provide protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation prevents me from sunburn. 

  • Waterproof - It keeps water and other fluids/gases outside of me .

  • Protection from Bacteria - It keeps bacteria, viruses, and other microbes outside of me. And if they are able to come close, it plays an initial defense against it.

  • Temperature - It helps regulate my body temperature

  • Storage - It stores water, fat, sugar, and fat-soluble vitamins so that I have resources in times of need.

Musculoskeletal System

I am grateful for the system that holds me together and allows me to move about this world.

  • Movement - The bones and muscles work together to support my weight and allow me to change my body's position. It allows me to sit, stand, walk, run, and most importantly, do yoga.

Lymphatic System

I am grateful for the complex drainage system in my body known as the Lymphatic System.

  • Protection - It plays a huge role in the immune system. It releases the white blood cells and other cells that destroy foreign life forms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

  • Fluid Maintenance: It collects excess fluid from cells and tissues and sends it to the bloodstream where it can be recycled.

  • Absorption of Fats - It transports fats and proteins into the bloodstream using fluids from the intestines.

  • Waste Removal - It transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph.

Cardiovascular System

I am grateful for my beating heart and the complex system of vessels that circulate blood throughout my system and to every part of my body.

  • Oxygen - It carries oxygen and nutrients to my body's tissues

  • Waste - It carries carbon dioxide and waste products away from my tissues.

  • Life - It is critical to sustain life and promote the health at the tissue level of my body.

Urinary System

I am grateful for my urinary system that filters my blood removes toxins and other waste produces.

  • Filtering - It filters blood and removes excess water.

  • Toxic Free - It separates toxins from the body from the essential nutrients needed.

  • Waste Removal - It stores and urine and helps remove it out of the body.

Reproductive System

I am grateful for my ability to create a family in an enjoyable way through the reproductive system.

  • Children - It carries the ingredients required to pass on DNA and bring a new person into the world.

  • Connection - It allows connection and keeps families together through joy and pleasure.